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It’s no unknown fact that we LOVE coffee shops. If you don’t already know that just check out our Instagram for proof.

We spend a lot of time in the beautiful city of San Francisco and have explored many amazing local spots there. Thank goodness, SF loves good coffee and they have a knack for creating beautiful spaces so there is inspiration every way you turn. I mean, who doesn’t love a yummy coffee accompanied by an amazing photo op?!

Here are our top 5 favorite places to get caffeinated and take a cute pic:

  1. Sightglass Coffee in SoMasip on coffee from some of the world’s highest quality beans roasted in house–freshness you can taste! They have an alluring, industrial ambiance(& a quiet second story that’s great for getting work done) & pastries that will make you never want to leave. From the iced tea coolers, to the rich, velvety affogato, you can’t go wrong!credit: Instagram/@sightglass
  2. Jane on Fillmore in Pacific Heightswhat we love about this place is the variety. From cold pressed juice, to a hot panini, delicious baked goods, and of course, coffee drinks for days. Whether you are looking for a quiet space to work, or a casual brunch spot with the girls, this place is perfect. And of course, in the perfect location for some post-coffee retail therapy.credit: Instagram/@janeonfillmore
  3. As Quoted in Presidio Heightsa gem in the middle of the cutest neighborhood. Featuring a full gluten-free menu that even gluten-lovers can appreciate, this is the perfect spot to grab a coffee and a salad and enjoy the sleek, modern aesthetic. Their turmeric latte is such a fun way to spice up your usual order.credit: Instagram/@eatasquoted
  4. Wrecking Ball Coffee Roastersthe world is obsessed with pineapples, so naturally, their wallpaper draws us in, but we stay for the incredible coffee and cozy vibe. They keep their menu simple, but their retail wall is a coffee connoisseur’s dream. Take a walk down Union Street with your cup to go and take in the charm of the Marina. Try the “Karl the Latte”, made with spiced almond milk.credit: Instagram/@wreckingballcoffee
  5. Home Cafe in the Sunsetthis new hot spot is the Warhol of coffee art. From the Lavender Latte, to the Cake Batter Latte, each cup comes with a unique design that will instantly brighten your day. Their signature snack is a variety of yummy toasts that serve as the perfect pair to your coffee. The barista are super helpful when navigating the menu, but you really can’t make a bad choice!credit: Instagram/@homesf

Are we missing your favorite coffee spot in SF?! Let us know in the comments below! 

xoxo, KDJ

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  1. Lex says:

    Love it! I’m going to try these places out this week! Thanks girls

    1. Yay! So glad you liked the post Lex! Let us know which cafe is your favorite after you try them. <3 xoxo

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