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Corduroy is making a major comeback.

And we’re loving it! Irresistibly cute, it’s here to stay.

I don’t know about you but I tend to work faster and more efficiently when I’m around other people. It’s just one of those quirky things.

Some people like to work alone in absolute silence and others like to work in the middle of chaos. Ha ha! I’m that latter of the two types.

Two to three days out of the week I like to go to cafes and be surrounded by other entrepreneurs chatting away while the music blasts and the clatter of dishes is all around. That’s when I really zone in and the magic begins!

When I shot this look it was one of those days. It was a perfectly mild sixty degrees and I had loads of emails and other business to get to. I had just picked up this super cute pink corduroy skirt from Madewell so I paired it up with my vintage grey sweater and white Feit tennis shoes and layered up some jewels.

For necklaces I layered up the Gold Rolo Choker, Silver & Gold Choker and the Little Dipper Necklace. When layering up necklaces you want to have necklaces that measure at least 1-3 inches differently in length. This could mean that you get a necklace that has an extension chain of 1 or more inches in length so that you can latch the clasp on to the extension chain at the right length to make it sit 1-2 inches above or below the necklace you already have on. That will create a tiered look. You can always check out our earlier post about layering necklaces if you want to get a visual.

I kept my rings simple with just two pieces: I wore the A Initial Ring (A for my Mom, Ann – a blogpost is coming soon all about her!) and a solid rose gold Hammered Band pinky ring (size 3).

Hopefully you were inspired by this look and feel reinvigorated to get up, get dressed and show off your beautiful self to everyone around you.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments! Love hearing from you!


{wearing: my vintage grey sweater, pink corduroy Madewell skirt, Feit tennis shoes}


{wearing the Gold Rolo Choker, Silver & Gold Choker and Little Dipper Necklace}

{wearing the A Initial Ring (A for my Mom, Ann – a blogpost is coming soon all about her!) and a solid rose gold Hammered Band pinky ring (size 3)}

{hair by my girl, Brittain Kristine, stylist and color guru at The Establishment Salon in Silver Lake}

katie+dean+dancing+jewelrykatie+dean+happy+jewelry katie+dean+jewelry+artist {shop the rings}

images: Jenna Elliot of One Eleven Photography

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