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{Pictured above:Cactus Stud and Moon Stud}

One of the most common things we hear from our customers when it comes to jewelry, specifically earrings, is that they have a skin sensitivity to certain metals. One of the most prevalent metal allergies is nickel. A lot of times nickel allergies become an issue with earrings but depending on the severity, it can be an issue with necklaces, rings,… you name it. Have you ever tried on a pair of earrings and suddenly your ears felt hot, like they were burning or itchy? Yea, us too and we know how not-fun that is.

Well we have good news for you!

Our jewelry is hypoallergenic. Yup! You heard right.

Now you may be thinking to yourself, what does ‘hypoallergenic‘ mean?

Let’s ask Google, shall we?

  1. (especially of cosmetics and textiles) relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.

So what that means for us, when it comes to jewelry, is that we do not use nickel (one of the most typical metals to be allergic to) when making our stud earrings! That way you can wear them with ease and enjoy them to the fullest.

Although we do still use a small amount of nickel in the gold mixtures which we make our rings and necklaces, we do however offer a wide variety of our pieces in solid gold which does not contain nickel and will be safe for even the most sensitive skin.

So go ahead and shop away! Your skin is safe with us!


Comments (4)

  1. Ann Auburn says:

    Thanks Katie- now I can buy more of your beautiful jewelry for my nickel sensitive friends and Grandma Crystal too!!

    1. Yay! So glad this is helpful for you Ann! Can’t wait to see you wearing your KDJ! XO

  2. Nancy says:

    The material of jewelry is important,especially earring for me.
    Because I am allergy in my ear.

    1. Yes, totally understand!

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