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If you follow along with us on Instagram, you know that we love New York City. 

We are often visiting this glorious melting pot for events and markets where you can scoop up some of our dainty jewels.

Since we’ve spent a fair amount of time seeking out spots that are cozy and delicious (mainly food destinations on here!) we wanted to share with you…


  1. THE ELK: our absolute favorite coffee spot in the heart of West Village. Bright and cozy. We could spend all day here… and we often do. <3
  2. LE COUCOU: stunning with it’s open brick and tall ceilings. We enjoyed a delightful New Year’s brunch here but we can’t wait to go back for dinner.
  3. TOBY’S ESTATE // FLATIRON: a hidden gem. You get three in one: coffee, books and shopping. The only Toby’s Estate location that has a bookstore and Club Monoco connected to it. Oh… and there is a resident florist in the bookstore portion. Need we say more? Go there. Now. (check out more photos here)
  4. ESTELA: not only is this place DELISH but hip and down to earth. We literally loved every single dish we got. They were all bursting with flavor and so unique. Typically booked 4-8 weeks out so book a reservation asap.
  5. BUVETTE: save up your carbs and splurge here. Get the Waffle Sandwich. Just do it and thank us later.

We could go on and on about all the amazing spots in NYC but these are the our current top 5!

Have fun exploring the city!


{looking up in Flatiron District}

{spotted! The Elk NYC looking oh so quaint in the heart of West Village}

{mornings at The Elk}

{a look inside The Elk’s retail section}

{order up! Inside The Elk.}

{a preview of the famous Waffle Sandwich at Buvette}

{the gorgeous bar in Le COUCOU}


Have more spots to add?! Tell us in the comments below!

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