About Katie Dean

Hi, I’m Katie

I’m a midwest girl with a love for style. I create handmade, dainty jewels to inspire women to try something new, embrace their femininity, and feel beautiful while still feeling like themselves.

The jewels at KDJ are fun, modern and effortlessly beautiful. But looking good is just one part of the equation.


We’re in the Business of Creating Beautiful Lives, Not Just Beautiful Jewels


At Katie Dean Jewelry we go beyond just making jewelry. We want to inspire you to live and create a beautiful life. That’s why I personally spend time planning and art directing our photo shoots, planning out our Instagram and writing blog posts that mix style and life.

I know how big of a change one piece of jewelry or one inspiring style post can make. It can completely change your outlook on your day and put that pep back in your step. We want you to leave our website or our social media feeling rejuvenated and excited.



My Journey Behind the Jewels

A lot of people are curious how I began my career in jewelry and how I created my line. I can tell you, it didn’t happen overnight but the journey was worth it.

Born and raised in Michigan, I made the big move to Los Angeles in 2007 to see what the west coast could offer my young artist self and began working a number of jobs, but none of them were “the one”.

I was always drawn to jewelry. In my last job as an assistant stylist, I often came home with the feeling like something was missing. The artist inside me was looking for something more. To try and fill that void, I started disassembling jewelry that I owned so I could create something new.

It was SO exhilarating and therapeutic. The best part was that I would immediately see my creation. I loved that.

After a few weeks of making my own pieces, I was at one of my favorite coffee places wearing a piece I’d recently made (or re-made!), a lady came up to me and asked: “Where did you get that?” – pointing to my bracelet.

When I told her I made it, she asked me: “How much do you sell them for?”


That was the start of many more people approaching me, asking “Where’d you get that…?”



So when I started selling the pieces I was wearing, quite literally on the spot, I started to realize that there was a demand for what I was creating! I could rarely keep and wear a piece for more than a week before someone purchased it. Within a few months I decided it was time for me to create my first collection and officially put together a shoot so that I could take the next step and start selling online.

I was happiest when making jewelry and I loved the feeling of finding someone the perfect piece! Seeing a customers face light up is priceless.



Handmade Inspiration & Creation

In 2015, I took the plunge, quit my day job, and went full force into Katie Dean Jewelry.

I’m proud to say it was the right choice. It’s been a lot of hard work, persistence and hustle but I wouldn’t have it any other way.



Nothing makes me happier than making gorgeous, dainty jewelry for you to shamelessly take a selfie in!


Five years after starting KDJ the passion is as alive as ever. I still love creating every new piece that comes into the line. We’re now launching a new piece nearly every other month too!

My inspiration comes from many things. Traveling, architecture, people, cities, shapes, and so much more. I’m inspired by how those things make me feel. I love looking at art from the past with a special eye on the shapes that are used and how I could make it into a new piece.

Katie Dean Jewelry Geometric Necklace

For four years I made every piece by hand, and it was SO rewarding. Knowing that my hands touched every single jewel that went to my customers was very special.

As we’ve expanded it was only natural that I had to pass on some of my work to others in order for us to continue growing. It was really hard to let go, but I’m happy to say I have a great team that helps hand make all the jewelry in LA. Even though I don’t touch every piece now, our principles have stayed the same. When you’re buying from us, you’re supporting a “Made in America” company.



Dainty, Delicate Jewels

The reason I create dainty, delicate jewels is because it’s feminine, sexy (without trying too hard) and it’s SO versatile. You can dress up our jewels with red carpet looks, wear them day-to-day at work, to a cafe with friends or on a date night. I believe fashion should be affordable but also that artists and entrepreneurs should be justly paid for their work. We strive to keep our prices at a reasonable price while continuing to provide jobs for our community right here in LA.   



Want to Join Our #GirlGang?

Now that you’ve learned all about me and what we’re creating here at Katie Dean Jewelry, we’d be thrilled if you would join our #girlgang and become an insider! We promise to always inspire you to create your own beautiful life with our jewelry and in many other ways.

Another great way for you to connect with us:

Catch us On Instagram, Every day!   @katiedeanjewelry

  • It’s not a “social media employee” that runs our Instagram; it’s me; unfiltered (okay, we definitely use filters sometimes!) so you can see all the behind-the-scenes of the company and our newest pieces that we launch.
  • Staying personally connected is what life’s all about, and this space allows us to create real-life connections every day.
  • Feel free to comment, tell us what you love, ask questions or tell us what you want to hear or see more of from us!



Find us in the Press



Our jewels have been adored by the likes of People Mag, Star, Cosmopolitan, E!, Refinery29 and many more.

We’ve been fortunate to have our team’s hard work acknowledged by some of the biggest magazine & influencers in the industry. We believe that’s because every piece is touched by human hands, and isn’t about how it makes you look. Our jewels shine brighter because of how they make you feel.


Launching Special Collabs

Catch us putting together exclusive collabs (like what we did with Thrifts & Threads) where we make limited edition jewels with some of our favorite online influencers.


Do you already follow along with us? Feel free to shoutout a ‘hello’! I always write back. 🙂